Pixadome - Tools and Systems Programmer


As a part of Pixadome, I have helped the team by creating several Editor Tools and Gameplay Systems, such as Game Replays, the system for Saving and Loading, as well as a tool for speeding up the creation and organisation of Game Levels.


  • Game Replays: 2 minutes of replay is under 50kb which means a lot of replays can be saved without filling up the user's storage.


  • Saving/Loading: Ability to have as many save slots as wanted. Uses custom file format to save the user progress efficiently without using much space.

  • Game Levels Tool

    Arrange levels

    Creating a new level

    Publishing the new level to the game


HAYFEVER is a cute single-player 2D platformer where you use Seasonal Allergies to skillfully race through levels. Allergies have never been more exciting! I contributed to the project on the coding side.

Unity 2D Play